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((when people block me for having a logical argument
|D But I had a lot of fun because she was not a good arguer



My true family:
Mom: askbrazilcatoc
Dad: germania
Uncle: france
Son: AskSpainGato
Daughter: AskTheTomatoFreak Ask-NekoSouthItabby2
Husbands: Ask2P-America and sealand
Niece: Russiacat
The perfect child(France's son): Ask-Catada

Ja, ummm, ask me anything.

Mien Bruder: :iconaskgermanycat:

Drinking Buddy~: :iconask-scotlandcat:

Ze bad touch trio: :iconaskfrancecat::iconaskspaingato::iconask--prussiacat:

Mien Liebe: <None>

Kits: Awesome, Prussiacat Jr., Kalt, Aria, Emilio, Derick, and Richard

Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp

Okay guys, so you know me. I am ThePrussianDragon in case you didn't know, bro.

Tbh, I don't have a preferred shipping. I like PruMano, but you know.. Idon'tknow. So I ship him PrussiaXWorld. (Well, with the exception of PruHun and PruAus). SO yeah, I have rules. But you know.. bleh.


Okay, so this si a bigg rule of mine: I prefer you use this kind of RPing:
"What the character says" And not in quotation the character's actions
but you don't have to do that .u.
But I do ask you use quotation marks to signal when the char. is talking please .u.

Now, no text speak when RPing or asking questions please

No God Modding

Smut is not tolerated out in the open. Notes maybe, but not in comments.

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"Happy Birthday!"
Shadestar32 Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
((um....hello ^_^ i was wondering if we could RP....? please answer me, this time. it irritates me when people don't answer me when they've clearly been online ^-^))
((Oh, sorry. I know I don't reply to much often, but you have to understand. I check my accounts daily for questions, and will reply to RPs from non-cat ask accounts very VERY rarely. It's not that I don't WANT to, but I really don't know how to respond to humans, to be honest. And if you want a reply from me, you have to be nicer. I do have a life other than this ask account.))
((but....i AM an ask-account. if i didn't, my name wouldn't start with ask~ ^_^ and i DO have a neko/cat version~ plus, i know you have a life outside of DA. it just irritates me when people are online and ignore me......i'm used to getting ignored in real life, not online))
((Hun, I never said you weren't! And I'm not slow, I read your account name clearly. I will repeat. I RARELY EVER reply to non-cat ask accounts! Your character is human! I don't CARE if you have a neko version, it's still a human ask account! And now, you must understand this simple fact: Not everyone's gonna reply to you. Not everyone's gonna be extremely nice with you. You are human, you are gonna get ignored a lot of times. Internet or not, it's inevitable. So really, all you are truly doing is guilt tripping me. I don't particularly enjoy that.))
(1 Reply)
((um....hello ^_^ i was wondering if we could RP....?))
"I'm a barbie girl uvu! In a barbie worrrlldd : D! 

It's fantastic ; D

You can brush my fur~!

And carry me everywheerrreeee"

*pokes your face* 

((question uwu))
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